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I have always enjoyed competing in sports and working on myself. The experiences I gained not only helped me as an athlete, but also as a person. For instance, I learned how to deal with high pressure and nervousness or fought my way back from a serious wrist injury and learned that there is a lot more achievable than we first think. Today, these experiences help me to understand and solve problems in competitive sports, but also in life in general.


Besides tactics, technique and fitness, the mental part is an important component in sports. In all of these areas, training is necessary in order to improve. Like a muscle that gets stronger with regular exercise, mental skills can be trained and thus improved. My experience as a tennis player taught me that athletic performance can be significantly improved through mental training.

Therefore, I have decided to become an expert in the psychological field and help athletes improve in this area. My goal is not only to help athletes perform to their maximum potential, but also to help them do so in a healthy and sustainable way that allows for personal growth.

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