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In a one-to-one consultation, we work together to specifically address your situation and your needs and find a strategy tailored to you. You will learn how to use your mind to your advantage instead of against you. I support you on your path as an athlete, as well as as a person and personality. I can help you with topics like:

  • Dealing with stress and pressure (staying calm under stressful situations and concentrating on your task)

  • Strengthening self-confidence

  • Dealing with doubts, fears, and nervousness

  • Increasing concentration

  • Dealing with emotions and frustration

  • Setting goals

  • Finding and building motivation

  • Overcoming blockades

  • Dealing with injuries

  • Lifestyle management (how do you balance sports, school, family, and friends)

  • Career end (enabling a good transition to your career after sports)

I offer my consultations face-to-face and online (German and English). In an initial meeting, we make an assessment of you and your current situation and clarify how we can work together. If desired, I also come and watch one of your competitions.

Contact me here!

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